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The human struggle continues generation after generation. Yet, each generation seems to make similar mistakes. Will we ever learn?

Each baby born into this world is born pure and based on the nature designed for it. No one carries the burdens of another and each of us walk our own path, being responsible for our own actions. Each person has the potential for true greatness or extant evil. We decide what we’ll do with the faculties we have been loaned by the Creator, and one day will have to answer for them.

So what happens when someone or some group of people decide to take power, manipulating their way to the top of the political ladder, and then misuse this power?

Where does the sanctity of human life go, when the majority choose to set aside a nation?

Each and every person contains a spark of life; spirituality; an instinct of its innate nature, and all can be blown away in a puff of egoism, despotism and tyranny.

Sometime ago, and in such situations time is irrelevant, a government formed which focused its movement onto the mass destruction of a group of people, seeking to destroy the culture, heritage and the individuals themselves. Mass raids, mass graves, mass murder, mass destruction all took place, while the world sat back and watched. Some waiting to side with the strongest group, others muttering ‘tut, tut’, then continuing on their way with blinkers masking their humanity. Some tried to get involved and made underground attempts at saving who they could, and others offered financial support, to ease their conscience, without getting their hands dirty.

Years later, the survivors remain and speak of the atrocities, the rape, the violation of their humanity, which was cancelled in one legislative act, one sweep of the hand of power. Dispersed throughout the world, the survivors and their descendants seek to make a home again, a place of safety, a refuge from hate. But they are criticized, slandered and hated for their identity, the mark of their culture and long established faith, which goes far beyond the common era into the annals of history, to which we all belong.

Each new child born to them, is a symbol of hope. Hope that with each generation they will grow stronger and firmer and make their homeland a haven and lesson for all to learn from. Regardless of the extent of man’s atrocities, with widened eyes we might look for a time, and then the calm of apathy eventually overtakes us and so we run the risk of the same evil occurring again at some time in the future.

Will we ever learn?

Can we force ourselves to remember?

To feel?

How hard are our hearts?

How immune to violence and suffering have we become?

Their struggle is our struggle, for humanity seeks the same aims, seeks the help of the only One who can give it. Let us never forget what happened in Bosnia.

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