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 Selma Cook

One of the biggest frauds of our time, is being undertaken by a group who call themselves the 'Nation of Islam!' They and their teachings have nothing to do with Islam and it remains a mystery why they insist on being called thus. Their association with Islam can be likened to a person going into a department store and buying a dish washer. Then the salesperson returns with a washing machine. When questioned about this strange response, the salesperson replies, 'But it looks the same! The body is square and it washes, doesn't it!?' The reality is that the inner workings of the machine are different and cannot be used for the same purposes.

As much as the ideas and teachings of the NOI are strange and incoherent, so is the fact that such a large amount of human beings from the so-called most 'civilized and developed' country in the world choose to follow it! Strangeness is often attractive to desperate people, who can see no other way out of their dilemma except through a fanciful mouthful of lies and exaggerations. Perhaps it brings them, for a moment, out of the mundaneness and injustice of the modern world into the realm of fantasy and fiction; taking them from the depths of human degradation to 'god hood'.

Needless to say, Wallace Dodd Ford (the founder of the NOI) was well-equipped to lead his host of millions through the fanciful realm of the ludicrous, as he was in fact an inept con-man, who finalized his training in the art of fraud and deceit in Prison. Upon his release he fell upon a deceiver of an even higher degree, whom he later named Elijah Mohammad and by combining their ingenious potential for evil and fraud, devised a plan, doctrine and methodology to raise the esteem of the oppressed people to the heights. He simply called these misused, oppressed masses 'gods' in their own right. Now that surely seemed like a no fail plan.

To top it off, they had to find a long-term respectable and coherent way of life; the only truly monotheistic religion in the world, to use as a shield of respectability against their polytheism - they chose Islam.

In a travesty of blasphemy, deceit and outright impiety, the NOI molded their cult on the word, which means true submission to Allah, the Almighty, the All Merciful; the Owner and Maintainer of al things. They put Elijah Mohamad ; a hoodwinking con man as equal to Allah the Most Merciful, the Creator of all! What audacity!

The following are some points that clearly portray the fact that the NOI and Islam are absolutely opposite to each other:

-The NOI claims that Allah appeared in the person of W. Fard Mohammad in 1930. (The era of world depression, when people believed almost anything!)
The Qu'ran clearly states in 4:36 "Serve Allah and join not Any partners with Him." And again in 6:103 "No vision can grasp Him."

-The NOI believes in a mental resurrection not a physical resurrection.
The Qu'ran states in 20:55 "From the earth did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it We shall bring you out once again."

Again in 64:7 the Qu'ran states, " The unbelievers think that they will not be raised up (for judgment), Say, "Yea by my Lord, Ye shall surely be raised up: then shall ye be told (the truth) of All that ye did. And that is easy for Allah."

-The NOI teach that black people are angelic gods.
Islam believes in the total transcendence of Allah.

-The NOI states that 'Islam' is for blacks only.
The Qu'ran and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) maintain universal brotherhood regardless of colour etc.

-The NOI teaches that Elijah Mohamad was the last prophet.

In Islam, prophethood ended with Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than 1400 years ago.

As can be clearly seen, the ideology of the NOI has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. The cult of the NOI is derived from pure and unadulterated racism and greed for money and power. The evils of white supremacy have been replaced by the evils of black supremacy.

The NOI took shape by the con man: convicted drugdealer, Wallace Dodd Ford. After being released from San Quentin prison in 1929, he moved to Detroit and used a number of names including Wali Farad and Master Fard and claimed to be from Makkah in Saudi Arabia. His own skin colour helped in forming this delusion as his parentage was a mixture of white and south Pacific Maori. He actually used his skin colour to manipulate the masses.

The farce collides with the ridiculous when the NOI stated that some eccentric black scientist in the beginning of time, created the white race, who ruled the earth for six thousand years and who would be destroyed by the blacks who are considered as gods and from that time forward paradise would be formed on earth.

In stead of being a champion of the masses as it professes, the NOI has proven itself to be the master of their deception. Some people say that within the NOI there is a smattering of Islam but in actual fact, Islam must be taken as a complete way of life; submission to the Creator! It is not possible to take a portion of its pillars and paste them to a façade, when what really lies beneath that façade is evil and polytheism.

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