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Selma Cook

Islam is a state of submission to Allah the Almighty, Who Governs, Oversees and Maintains all that exists. It states our role and duty to Allah and man.

Islam acknowledges the fact that human beings are Created, Maintained, Overseen and to be Judged by Allah the Almighty. Everything in every corner of the universe belongs to Allah; He is the Sovereign Power over all things. Nothing happens in the depths of the earth, in the sky above or in any place without His knowledge. A leaf that breaks off and drops to the ground, is known to Allah. There is no power but His. No help, but His. The Muslim stands in awe, at the Greatest, Mercy and Justice of the Creator. The Muslims is called upon through the Qu'ran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) to enjoin piety and disdain evil. To establish peace and justice on the earth, according to the law of Allah and ensure that the word of Allah reigns supreme.

As Allah is the Sovereign Lord of all, it stands logical that it should be His Word: His Law, that is the governing factor for all humanity. Doesn't the One Who created, know His creation best of all; and know what is beneficial and what is destructive? With this in mind, the Muslims, submits to the law of Allah, knowing that it is in this way, that he/she will be able to find their way to success in this life and the next.

Islam governs the life of the Muslim and guides him/her to sound, pious behavior and attitudes. It sets the balance between work, rest and recreation and guides humanity to the path of justice and freedom.

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