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Selma Cook

There is a flat in the city, much the same as all the others, that houses eight little orphan girls. Each of them was found in various places in the streets.

A businessman was walking along the street one day and as he walked he heard a sound. What was it that made him stop and listen carefully? It sounded just like a small cat of which there are thousands throughout the city. But this sound was familiar and it struck a chord deep within. Perhaps a sound he made when he was a babe, and which led to his mother's response to reach for him. Now, he in turn reached down with his big, strong hands, pulling away pieces of garbage and uncovered a baby. In surprise and awe, he scattered the insects from its tiny frame, quickly removed his expensive jacket, covering and sheltering the babe in his strong but gentle arms.

Unwanted and too often despised, such babies are taken to the local police station where they are sent on to government orphanages.

A kind woman, decided she wanted to help some of these orphans, so she put eight of them under her custody. She rented a flat and hired four women to care for them. The babies are between three and nine months old, so they will grow up together. Each woman takes care of two babies. The place is spotlessly clean and they are well fed and in better health than they were in the beginning. They will grow up as sisters in Islam, forming bonds which hopefully will last their whole lives through.

This kind lady will ensure they go to decent schools and become educated. She will oversee their care and training, ensuring they are treated with love and fairness in a world that seems to have forgotten what is good and what is bad.

There are many such places scattered like stars through this crowded city. Each little chubby face that turns and looks with tenderness at her care-giver, sheds some light on a world that has forgotten its trust. We are the care-takers of the world, the guardians of truth and justice. The One to Whom these little ones belong, will ask us about our neglected duty.