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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

At the beginning there was AllahAt the beginning there was Allah

At the beginning there was Allah, with Allah there wasn’t anything

His throne was on water and in the tablet he wrote everything


Allah created the pen, wrote all our fate until we are raised

Five thousand years before heaven and earths creational phase


Allah created the heavens and earth as willed in seven days

He doesn’t feel tired sleep or slumber and doesn’t rest in any way


Allah created the angels from light, and jinn he created from fire

Iblees was from jinn and righteous, so elevated with angels higher.


Allah created our father Adam with a handful of dirt from the world around

Hence his children flourished in many colours some white, black and brown


Allah blew soul into the body of Adam, Adam sneezed when came to be

His first words were praise be to Allah, Allah replied with mercy and peace


Allah said to Adam walk to those angels, give salutations of salaam

The angels replied by extending there peace, saying Wa,Alaycum,Asalaam


Allah taught Adam the words of all things unknown to anyone else

Allah told the angels to prostrate to Adam but iblees had pride in himself


Oh people listen carefully this involves you, iblees had something to say

Now iblees the shaytaan vowed to guide you, the children of Adam astray


Shaytaan now rejected cursed by Allah, from janah was vanished away

The shirk and Kufar most terrible sins are all over the world today


Allah said Oh Adam you and your wife dwell in gardens herein!

Do not transgress don’t eat from this tree! Disobeying Allah is a sin


Shaytaans evil whispering made Adam forget what almighty Allah had said

He ate from the tree before realising, shaytaan played games with his head


Now Adam experienced the evil shaytaan his tricks and schemes so mean

So Adam repented making a Du,a with the intention and heart so clean





Oh our lord we have wronged ourselves, and if you were not to forgive us

And have mercy on us we should certainly become among the losers


A valuable lesson in our father’s story we the children of Adam can find

Shaytaan’s our enemy, he promised us misery; discard him from your mind.

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