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 Selma Cook
Mankind has philosophized human existence to a point, where some are no longer sure that we really exist!? However, there are so many truths surrounding us, that if we just dare, we can insist on reality.

Two men sat discussing truth.

Does it exist?

Do I exist?

Perhaps I am just a dream in your mind and in my own?

But then I have a mind, don't I?

So if I can question my existence then I must be real.

Do I make sense?

Of nothing do I know.

The second man reached into his pocket and took out a box of matches. He threw the box onto the table asking, 'What is that?' His friend smiled, a crooked smile and cunningly replied, thinking it a trick question,

"Well it looks like a box of matches.

I think it is a box of matches."

The other man banged his fist onto the table and said ,

"No! It's wrong. You must know it is a box of matches. Be confident that truth exists."

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