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Despite all the varieties of oppression that the Muslims have and still do witness, Islam will never die! Why? Because it is the promise of Allah (ta'ala). Here are some examples of the despotic tyranny of the unbelievers and the herioc nature of Muslims.


Not much is known about Turkistan, Chechyna and Uzbekistan. We hear some things in the news but what's the history of these countries? They form what is called 'Central Asia'. They were first introduced to Islam 22 years after the hijrah of the Prophet (peace by upon him). That's over one thousand, four hundred years ago.

They are the homeland of scholars like Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidhi, the great collectors of Hadith. There are famous universities , named after these scholars. For a long time the Muslims in these countries suffered under the Tzar of Russia. Then when Lenin came along in the early 1900's, he needed the support of the muslims to render his revolution successful. He told them lies, saying he would ensure their freedom and safety. The Muslims were quite desperate, hoping that Lenin would prove better than the Tzar, so they fought along with him.

As soon as Lenin obtained power, his true intentions came to light. He was determined to destroy all religion, demolish private property and kill anyone who stood in his way. He turned to the muslims and murdered the scholars, and their students. He buried them alive. Hoping to to destroy the morale of the muslims, he turned their Islamic universities and mosques into shopping malls and night clubs. He banned the learning of the Qur'an, the use of Arabic and even having Islamic names. All children were forced to attend schools where they were indoctrinated with atheism.

Yet after seventy years of Communism, the Muslims still have their Islam. They still know Qur'an and Arabic. After the Iron curtain fell, a few years ago, for the first time in 70 years the eid prayer was held. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims attended with tearful gratefulness. Prayer rugs were taken out of hiding and the mosques are full. Islamic schools and universities are springing up all throughout these countries. World rulers scratch their heads in amazement, wondering how Islam survived after years of harsh and unjust treatment.

During the time of communism, the muslims would hold secret meetings, often in tunnels underground to learn and teach Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic studies. When freedom came, an old man of 75 years and a little boy of six stood and recited Qur'an.

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