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Peacocks have ugly feet
The continual negative reactions of a wife and mother nearly break her family apart. She has a wonderful son, but she just doesn't notice.
Will the real Al Aqsa please stand up!
Al Aqsa mosque is one of the sacred places in Islam. The reward for prayer in this mosque is surpassed only by prayer in Makkah or Madinah. So the very least that we as Muslims should do, is to be able to recognize it. There has been some confusion in recent times about the identity of two mosques in Jerusalem.
Which one is Al Aqsa?
Throwing Culture to the Wind
The sorry state of Muslims today
Truth in a box of matches
Mankind has philosophized human existence to a point, where some are no longer sure that we really exist!? However, there are so many truths surrounding us, that if we just dare, we can insist on reality.
Castles in the air
Did the world really come into existence from one 'big bang' in the universe? Was there no steering hand in this process?
Something to celebrate
Despite all the varieties of oppression that the Muslims have and still do witness, Islam will never die! Why? Because it is the promise of Allah (ta'ala). Here are some examples of the despotic tyranny of the unbelievers and the herioc nature of Muslims.
Holocaust - We must never forget!
The human struggle continues generation after generation. Yet, each generation seems to make similar mistakes. Will we ever learn?
Nothing is real anymore
Modern life has combined labour saving devices, expansive leisure opportunities, and the information explosion, with deadly diseases, pollution, death and injustice. Dare we call ourselves civilized!?