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Many thanks to the kind bothers and sisters who sent us these beautiful poems:

At the beginning there was Allah by Ali Abdul-Akbar
A mother’s love for her child by Ali Abdul-Akbar
Ramadan (Poem) by Ali Abdul-Akbar
My intention by Ali Abdul-Akbar
Oh Allah! by Ali Abdul-Akbar
Remember Allah by Ali Abdul-Akbar

Deaf dumb and blind by Ali Abdul-Akbar
Eternal Life by Amna Siddiqui
The Islamic Way by Omm Khalid Samir
Have You Ever Wondered? by Widad Al-Shingiti
The Almighty by Amina Mofassir
The Single Link by Amina Mofassir
My Lord and me! by Dr. Riaz Ahmad
Knocking at my door by Layla Mai
It feels so wrong by Layla Mai
Ya Allah by Shafi' Bashir Said
To My Mother by Shafi' Bashir Said