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Becoming a Muslim is about change; it is about drawing closer to the Creator and consciously living your life in line with the way of life chosen by the One who created all things with love and mercy.

Here are some true stories of people who have made this change and commit themselves to it every day of their lives.

If you would like to share your journey to  Islam, email selmacook@hotmail.com

Kristafar 'X' Isa – Great Grandson of John King Usoro

Osman Andrew Young– Adventurer and Calligrapher

Islam Channel’s ‘City Sister’ Elizabeth Leonard Journey to Islam

Professional British Boxer Becomes Muslim

Abdullah Rolle - Musician to Muslim to Nasheed Artist

Newly-Converted Cerie Bullivant

Bilal Chin - South London Rapper Finds Islam

Easa Ashby - A Muslim at Thirteen
Eesa was only thirteen years old when he became a Muslim. Before Islam, when he was still a ten-year-old child he had a normal life of going to school and hanging out with his friends.

Abdel Hakeem Heinz - It Took Time but Islam Entered His Heart

Abdul Hakeem Heinz was brought up in the south of London. He was first introduced to Islam at the tender age of seven when his mother accepted the deen.

Why I became a Muslim
I always felt close to ‘God’ and prayer was a way of life for me. Deep in my mind, for I could never voice any doubts, I had some misgivings; some things that didn’t make sense to me but as a missionary I felt I was calling to God, not to that particular church.

Dressed all in white - the coward within
This is how I entered a mosque for the very first time. It was an event that would change my life forever! I was confronted by the inconsistencies in my behavior and the weakness of my understanding. It served to shake me a little and wake me up, so I could take the necessary steps to more sincerely submit to Allah.

My Road to al-Islam
by Umm Fathima
Read how a single encounter with women in a mosque inspired this American woman to choose Islam for herself just two weeks later.