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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

Deaf dumb and blind by Ali Abdul-AkbarDeaf dumb and blind

Deaf dumb and blind in the fire stuck standing


Free from evil whispering, now blessed with clear hearing


What’s that sweet sound? That splendour who’s sharing?  


So perfectly tuned, a small child was reading


What’s that by his chest that he’s grasping and loving?


It was the Qur’an


Dumb and blind


Now blessed with clear sight


No veil on my eyes which was once wrapped so tight


What’s that pure structure such width and such height?


So perfectly constructed and shimmering with light


 It’s attracting so many from morning to night


It was the Ka’ba


             Dumb now blessed with understanding


                  No seal on my heart, my hearts now absorbing 


              My love for Islam has started expanding


            So I embark on a journey with the Qur’an that I’m handling


            For the blessed place of Makka to see the Ka’ba I’m landing


               Once deaf dumb and blind in the fire stuck standing


              I thank you Allah for this blessing so dazzling.

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