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Many people today are filled with feelings of isolation, hopelessness and anxiety. The spirit of man has been damaged and is often far from its essential nature. Many families break up, justice cannot be found, young people often do not feel nurtured, and individuals are made to feel like consumers whose only role in life is to look good, be entertained and spend. All this while the rich get richer, and the majority wallow in indebtedness and rising interest rates.

Without money and beauty; and without the acceptable look and attitudes, the individual is often left behind. Eating disorders, failed relationships and low self-esteem form a bitter, vicious circle of self destruction.

But people do survive and are able to grow and be better for their experiences. Drugs may stabilize hormones and chemicals within the body but at the end of it all, the soul needs peace and this peace is found in Islam.

The Slave Within

Information about depression
Gone are the days when mental illness was hushed up and quietly swept under the carpet. Hopefully today, we can face our problems and find solutions.

On the edge - Anxiety disorder
A true account of how a woman deals with 'panic attacks' and find the eventual cure in the Qu'ran.

Panic attacks
This is the true story of a Muslim woman who suffers from Panic attacks. It is a very real disorder and one that requires the help of Allah, a lot of inner strength and kindness from others to overcome.

I don't need a counselor, I need a friend!!
What lies at the root of the problems people face today? I see a lot of people suffering in different ways and sometimes I think it is unnecessary. It seems like we have lost the essence of life and what people really need to be happy and successful. The following is a discussion about this subject.

The victims of the world - Incest
Dealing with molestation and depression.

The evil ones in this world cannot touch the soul of man or destroy us when we enter the shade of Allah.