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Amna Siddiqui

He (the angel) brings you to me,
You freeze in this eternal life.
Your eyes behold true beauty,
Marveling at me, your wife.
Only a moment before,
You were kissing me good-bye.
Watching as Deathʼs door,
Shut, leaving you to cry.
On Earth, I held your hand,
Guiding you on siraatul-mustaqeem (straight path).
Reminding you of Godʼs Demand,
This Garden is not a dream.
Allah made me as your spouse,
To garment you as He Told.
So that we may live in a majestic house,
With bricks of silver and gold.
Between us He put serenity,
To help us on our way.
Our life here is for eternity,
Forever we will stay.

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