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My hearts not in it,
It feels so wrong
To pretend and deny
What's going on.

Am I insane
Or are you asleep
Am I over reacting
When I sit and weep

This classroom
Is not my home
Where I'm confined
Not left to roam

What is it their hiding
Behind heavy books?
Why is it the end product
Isn't always as it looks?

Is this the " net"
'Lambs to the slaughter'
Where colourful dormitories
Invite sons and daughters?

Everyone is welcome
To expand the mind
But now I know
I was
Deaf and blind!

Who speaks of pain?
Who turns insane?
After all they knew
No longer remains?
Who is forced to feel the rain?

We're all equal they say,
So why the grade?
Everyone's an individual,
So why behind 'painted faces
Do they masquerade'?

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