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The basic teachings of Islam are few but each forms a whole way of life; a way of thinking and a way of dealing with life's problems. If correctly understood, the creed of Islam guides us through the ups and downs of life, steering us to success in this life and the next. 

Introduction to Islam
About Allah

Allah's guidance to mankind
The Creator The busy moments of life cover up the truth of reality as we go unaware through our lives, until death catches up
The Creator and the created
The busy moments of life cover up the truth of reality as we go unaware through our lives, until death catches up.
The Holy Qur'an
About Mohammed (p.b.u.h)
About Ramadan
About Shahadah
Prayer in Islam
Prayer in Islam, is worship of Allah the Almighty, Praising and Thanking Him, acknowledging His Sovereignty and committing oneself to obey and remember Him at all times. It is the central part of a way of life, which is based on submission to the Owner of all.
The direction of Prayer
When I first became a Muslim and started to pray, I learned that I should face towards Mecca. When I stood about to pray, I would imagine the millions of Muslims around the world in so many different places and situations, all praying in Arabic and facing towards the same place

My Prayer
Prayer is not an empty ritual, it is a way of life. People have many ways to escape from the mundane tensions and troubles of life, however most of them are destructive. In Islam, prayer is a life-line, which facilitates renewal and development.
The question of morality
The question remains, what is 'morality'? The modern world will deny its existence and say that all behavior is natural and therefore should be acceptable.
The Meaning of Kaffir and Kufr
As much as it is important to understand the meaning of 'Islam and Muslim' likewise it is important to understand the opposite i.e Kufr and Kaffir. There is a lot of confusion about these words and their meanings, so therefore the knowledge of their meanings in Arabic becomes even more essential.
Basics of faith