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 Selma Cook

A girl child – a childlike girl
A woman nearly – in  whirl
Of fear of strength of sad goodbyes
To childhood memories – adolescent wiles

An emerging soul of faith and light
Growing from a bud so white
Of chubby cheeks and dimpled hand
Held tight in mine living all my plans

I wanted all that's good for you
To save you from hurt – each
Pain and hue
No trouble sorrow or sadness
To crash you break you into despair

My dreams all come alive in you
You! My special one – there are so few
Who can match your winning smile your
Confident gait
Your growing power and steadfast state.

You quickly leapt ahead of me
Seeing your vision of what may be
No listening ear towards me turns
No laming fire of justice burns

You've grown and gone away from me
The one who nurtured you like a tree
With roots down deep to make you strong
And trunk and branches all along
The leaves are memories of your life
My pain. My toil. My sacrifice.

All come together in what you are
And what you head for each day and hour
Your dreams were hatched upon my knee
Your spirit gained strength – I set you free
And held your hand til you could walk
And speak your mind and to man talk.

Of truth of right of decency
Of all that guides to dignity
Now here you stand and here you live
My girl child! To whom I love to give.

This poem was first published on  islamonline.net