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Selma Cook
Gone are the days when mental illness was hushed up and quietly swept under the carpet. Hopefully today, we can face our problems and find solutions.
Depression is a disease like diabetes or high blood pressure. Some people are able to reach the cure for depression through therapy, others through taking medication and therapy for a period of time and yet others who must continue taking medication for the rest of their life. In such a case, it is no different than someone who must take daily injections of Insulin.
It is something, which often lies beyond the control and understanding of the individual and so for people to say ‘just snap out of it’ is very cruel.

Research has shown that a marked majority of cases of severe depression are linked to childhood trauma. Hence the importance of loving and protecting our children in the correct way and dealing with older people, who now suffer from depression with kindness and understanding.

If you know someone who is depressed, they need your help and support, not criticism. Sometimes well meaning friends and relatives understand the importance of the patient ‘talking’ and ‘getting things out of their system’ but often it is not so easy and speaking about past traumas can take a lot of time. Digging through painful memories, which the mind has safely tucked away from sight, requires the care of a specialist. Doctors are well equipped these days to handle all kinds of cases, so helping them to choose an appropriate doctor is a great service.

Above all, prayer and remembrance of Allah (s.w.t.) brings peace to the troubled mind and contains the only sure cure for the heart that cannot find peace.