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We are surrounded by inspiration and meaning and our challenge is to recognize it, learn from it and benefit ourselves and others. Sometimes we are preoccupied with trivialities or fear or pain and hardly notice when something really significant is happening. Imagine how enriched we would be if we could catch hold of those precious moments and learn and grow.

Why Do I Feel So Bad? It’s All in the Mind

Finding Happiness- As Easy as One Plus One

Life in Gaza - American Woman and Her Four Children

Standing Out From the Crowd

And So The World Turns

You Are Creative!

Making a Stand on Hyde Park Corner

Think! Maybe It Is for the Best

Lift Me Up Away From Here!

The Slave Within

Baby in the trash
There is a flat in the city, much the same as all the others, that houses eight little orphan girls. Each of them was found in various places in the streets.
Wake in death
How many times in our lives, have we needed a second chance? Something to occur that will awaken us from our apathy and sin. In this story, a woman is finally able to confront herself and reach for the better
Food for the people
How often people take the riches and blessings with which Allah supplies everyone, without thinking about the Grace and Mercy of the Sustainer as well as the needs of those around them…
Tranquility in a broken body
The true story of a woman’s near fatal accident, which proves to strengthen her inner self.
Peacocks have ugly feet
The continual negative reactions of a wife and mother nearly break her family apart. She has a wonderful son, but she just doesn't notice.
A wooden bowl for grandpa
The following is an example of the members of a family who come to grips or fail to come to grips with the reality of aging and each one's responsibilities. Truly, we reap what we sow.
He killed my girl!
This is a true story of a situation which I faced before becoming a Muslim. It served to make me ponder deeply over the ugly aspects of human behavior and the justice that was nowhere to be seen.
Trying to Land in Bangkok Airport
As I approached Bangkok airport, I believed I was approaching death. No one knows when or how it will inevitably come. The responses of the people to this situation have stayed in my mind ever since.
All lost - in a day
This is the true story of a woman who escaped certain death in Bosnia. It all happened just a few years ago. I pray that we will never forget the atrocities that are daily perpetrated against the Muslims all over the world. May this story serve as a reminder of the unexpected nature of life and the importance of our reliance on Allah the Lord of the Worlds, as the only source of strength, help and peace.