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I'm trying so hard to Implement
My knowledge into actions
But the past keeps knocking persistently
At my door.

Get real she says
Do you really think you could every be
Anything that is respectable and true
What type of fool is you?

And just when I hear the voice of reason
She grasps my hearing
And whispers
¦ the one who did such and such,
God fearing?

And when I wound her
And lock tight each door
It's them who drag on
About the me before!

Suffocating me
Aggravating me
Slowly scaring me
And making me see
That ill always be
Me, me, me

I want to be the one who shows gratefulness everyday
I want to be free in the eyes of man,
When I feel that I have been forgiven
I want to move for once, and not be driven
Crooked words to move like the days
And maybe then you will find new ways
To entertain yourselves!

Surly gossip can kill
When it's you who takes the pill.
And then you see that
Easy word you once whispered
Has lead to destruction,
Of the peace reproduction
And has wounded the soul
And has made lost control
Of all happiness
Suddenly the threat has taken action
And you are to blame
If only mouths
Moved with more obedience and less shame.

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