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In the market place, a difference is also felt. In a place where there are true Muslims, everyone would leave his shop, etc to perform the five daily prayers in congregation. In the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) people left their shops open and no one stole or took advantage of the owner's absence. Monopolizing is not allowed. Everyone has the right to have a fair go at making an honest living. Usury is forbidden; taking advantage of the poor, the indebted, the oppressed is not allowed. No one is to sell something that has a hidden fault and all people are raised to love and fear Allah, so most times, the people themselves will enforce the rules of Allah because they know it to be correct and in their best interests.

Another interesting characteristic of good Muslims is that if there is for example, an electrical shop and a few doors down there might be another one. Should you go into the first one asking for something, and the owner doesn't have that item, it is quite common to find that he will suggest you try the shop just down the street. There is an obvious absence of 'the rat race' mentality. The people know that their livelihood is taken care of by Allah and that they will not receive more in their life than what was preordained for them. The people do their best and leave the rest to Allah. There is a great deal of cooperation and trust between business people. I've often found that shops, which reside side by side, when the owner of one has to leave for any reason, the other shopkeeper will mind his shop and deal honestly. On many occasions I saw shopkeepers often running between two shops and thought to myself that he should hire someone to help him, then I learned that he was minding his neighbors shop for some time. The way he worked in his neighbors shop, you would think it was his own. Such behavior stems from a deep, desire to please Allah and knowing that Allah loves all that is good, fair and just.

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