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About ten years ago, a woman and her three children migrated from a western country to the middle east, hoping to find a more Islamic environment in which to raise her children. The following are true accounts of the situations she and her family faced settling in a new land. They also include some observations of life in the new country as she comes to terms with people's cultural, rather than Islamic thinking, and the behavior that stems from it. Some are funny, some are sad but all are true and the blessings of Allah can be seen through these experiences as the people involved grew and learned in Islam.

Trying to Land in Bankok Airport
As I approached Bangkok airport, I believed I was approaching death. No one knows when or how it will inevitably come. The responses of the people to this situation have stayed in my mind ever since.

Leaving Australia - Spat out on the shore
The true story of a woman who migrates to a foreign country with her three children.

Baby in the trash
There is a flat in the city, much the same as all the others, that houses eight little orphan girls. Each of them was found in various places in the streets.

The city of the dead
Coming from a materialistic society where life is somewhat organized and seems civilized, when I found myself in this hauntingly mysterious place, I felt like I'd entered the twilight zone. Could this really be real? I wondered how the people living here filled in government forms,- where do you live? Address: City of the dead! Doesn't sound too good for a job application.

Ships in the desert
The wonders of experiencing the desert at first hand and marvelling at its beauty and elusive danger. The first marvellous site of the ships that daily sail through the Suez Canal.

Follow that tree!
Migrating to a new country and gettting accustomed with a new language and the new ways of people, can provide many funny memories.

That’s not a dead cow! That’s dinner!
So much of our thinking belongs to the conditioning we received since we were small but all this can be overcome. In this story, a woman comes to term with the market place and the hidden meanings of packaged hamburgers and fresh lamb chops stares her in the face. What will she do? Does she have the courage ignore the dead cows of Cairo?