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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

A mother’s love for her child

A mother’s love for her child, a blessing from Allah which doesn’t die


Just the sight of the blessed child brings coolness to the mother’s eyes


Though giving birth to the baby brings the mother unbearable pain


 The daily sleep from mothers body is sacrificed and drained


She gets up in the middle of night distraught and distressed


Yet love for her blessed child she won’t deny but always confess


The mother’s hungry and tired working long and hard days


Just to see her child eat, her need for food and rest fades


Allah brings the mothers and child’s heart together to join as one


As the mother smiles and laugh’s, for her child to play and have fun


If the child is unwise, despised by the world as a thief or thug


It’s the mother who will open up her arms to her precious son with love


So many nights the child spends asleep with no care in this worldly life


As the mother stays up watching with care not wanting to leave its sight


Meet one who no longer has there mother, because of her life lost


They would do anything to gain back time, or a second at any cost


We must return our love and devotion it’s our beloved prophet’s plea


The entrance to the gardens of jannah lie beneath our mother’s feet.

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