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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

My intention

My intention is clear to be with you


To run my rough fingers through your soft hair


My heart skips a beat when thinking of you


For your sight I’m so greedy not wanting to share


I made up my mind to die for you


To give up this world and life which others won’t dare


Yet I have never laid my eyes on you


I’ve just heard these stories these stories so rare


I pray to Allah he opens a way to unite me with you


Until then I’m in a dark hole, in a dark hole of despair


I can shed my blood and there blood just to reach you


For wealth health and power I have no care


It’s freezing cold so far from my home yet I have all the warmth thinking of you


A bullet shot stray, engraved is my name shot down like a hunted bear


Blood from my still heart touches the ground; as Allah unites me with you,


Allah is all seeing Allah is all hearing he heard my Du,ah and answered it fair


At last my eyes are with you my heart is with you finally I am with Al-Hoor.

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