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To My Mother by Shafi' Bashir Said
(This Poem I wrote for my mother whome i left at the age of 5)

in the name of Allah i pray for you
and all His mercy i wish for you
coz for you i have utter admiration
respect, charm and devotion
the tenderness and warmth of the love
you've given me when i was young
still withstands and endures me
and keeps me destined to my destiny
Mom, with your prayers bound to be accepted
and cognisant that i'll never be neglected
insha-Allah i'll never languish
and will be free of pain and anguish
mama, though we're different worlds apart
you're still treasured and heeded right at the bottom of my heart
i'll always cherish and nourish you
i'll always love and look after you
the way you cherished and nourished me when i was young
the way you loved and looked after me when i was young
i'll always adore you
with supreme zest and zeal
and i pray with my hands high up to Allah
to reward you with the exquisite and magnificent Jannah!

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