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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

Oh Allah!

Oh Allah! Most merciful show us mercy, show us mercy and peace

Destroy our hate and envy yet set our love to increase


Keep us far from set boundaries so we do not be in breach


Keep us close to Qur,an and Sunnah, closer then an arms reach


Give us knowledge and understanding so we can propagate and teach


 Oh Allah! Give us guidance to pray in our beloved prophet’s way


Let us worship and prostrate to you five times a day


You are great we are small were created from clay


You don’t sleep or slumber as we rest and lay


Let us speak true words, block bad words we might say


Give us obedience to follow your commands and obey


Oh Allah! Save us from devils and the burning of hell


His whispers are tempting yet he wishes us no well


Against the evil of his fitna give us protective shells


Make us not of those who strayed with his Fitna and fell


As many nations fell before, and gave there hearts up for sell


Oh Allah! let us give to the poor and needy let us diminish our greed


Give us strength over our enemies so our enemies might heed 


Let us regain Muslim lands let us fight let us bleed


Let us raise a Muslim state with the shari’ah to lead


Let us plant in Muslim lands dates and olive tree seeds


Let us worship let us fast and weigh heavy in good deeds


There are plenty of books now Qur’an with Tafseer


I pray to Almighty Allah let us learn let us read


Oh Allah! Forgive us for our errors and wrongs, our mistakes and our sins, let us cross that


 Bridge that’s incredibly thin, Let us live our prophet’s example so that Jannah we might win


Oh Allah! Let way open on that day for our ummah to surpass in.

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