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My Lord and me!

How glorious and magnanimous His Name is!
How beautiful and exquisite lo His creation is!
He is the radiant blossom of mine chaste heart!
He is the muse and very thought behind my art!

Oh He lives infinitely beyond my mortal eyes,
He spans yon invisible across space and skies,
Over stars and moon, seas, earth and the vales,
He’s the grace of fragrance, colours and gales!

How different! When I had perceived Him before,
Glorious he stands and will always surge the more,
Inside a finite how cautiously the Infinite is rolled,
Within complex labyrinth universes wert revolved.

With my flouted wits how shalt I the Infinite perceive?
With parochial mind how can I His grandeur conceive?
He is at the hub of everything yet encompasses these all,
The oceans and skies, stars and the suns, and still withal!

He is the sole Kingly Lord and He is the Radiance,
If I catch one ray He shall spark others in dalliance,
He is omnipotent, omnipresent and hast equal none,
He is the Architect of all and verily wondrous done!

Whatever he makes He makes it sensational and vast,
If I could only learn its meaning and why ’twere cast?
If only I could go above my wits and tangled thought,
And discern Him stalk in my heart by His love caught.

Before my dear Lord the whole creation falls prostate,
Begging for His mercy O none shalt ever dare hesitate!
He’s the sole Creator, The Giver and The Tender of all,
Of those supplicants who beg Him in utter humility fall!

The Great Lord! To Him belongs the sovereignty alone,
Ah my cup’s full and to amazing proportions it’s grown,
A splash of His Light within and lo ’twert glazed bright,
To shame that blazing sun in the dark of deadliest night!

He is the soul of souls, He is the life of lives, He is That!
Seen and unseen, the moving and unmoving, He is That!
I am the mad man and mine sizzling soul shall cry it out,
He is the King of all Love who I shall never live without.

He’s The Lord of all beauty! He’s The Lord of all grace!
And His Love has revealed to me heaven’s relished face,
Sitting at centre of my soul ah countless times he’s mine,
I carouse and quaff when he holds to me His love’s wine.

When we are tied close together He adds another chain,
When I am pining for his Love lo he adds another pain!
A maddened man when I play mine lyre down his street,
To mine ecstatic vibes he shall add another alien tweet!

Who is this Beautiful? One who wakes day and night!
And on the tightest string who plays His radiant light!
To make my quivering heart steady to dance the rope,
The Light of His Candle scribe in glow a word “Hope”

When I burn in sizzling heartache He holds the incense,
When I am recklessly ravished He shall hold the fence,
When I fight a gruesome battle He will hold the shield,
And when I work my sword He shall marshal the field!

He is the Knower of all secrets but doesn’t tell His,
When I peep stealthily into an iota, He stands Quiz!
When I paint His picture as mine muse might exact,
He translates His beauty O the whole turns abstract.

I knocked at His door and were graciously hurled,
Into the arms of my Beloved, the Wizard of world,
Ah I’m in daze and the cup of His love over flows,
I unveil in every atom, “ Behold His glory glows!”

Come hither come! The roses are in their bloom,
My heart is filled with love and there’s no room,
But for Him only, There’s a tryst aye me and He,
In the dead of a solitary night when converse we!

A poet! I’m naught, ah my verses not worth a bread,
Just the tears of blood that were wrenched and bled,
All my wits and all my skills just fit into single cup,
The One full of Eternal wine from there I shall sup!

But never a sip of it till it’s from my Beloved’s hand,
He draws a blind across and there intoxicated I stand,
Take my word, behold me quaff from the Divine cup,
His comfort, an endless odyssey and my final hiccup!

When the whole city shakes with the gravest fear,
The Day of Upheaval and there comes One Dear,
Unleashed from the mortal a lunatic breaks away,
Wild and banging his head, there he were astray!

Beat the drum, blare the drum and just speak no more,
My heart is gone, mine soul’s gone and I am no more,
What’s this Day? O everything is falling from the sky,
My soul has gone too but where’s the inquisitive eye?

By Dr. Riaz Ahmad
455/A, Block-B, 
Faisal Town, 

March 1, 2002

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