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Meant to inspire and make us think, these poems are about our relationship with the Creator, our human inconsistencies and our attempts to make sense of what happens in this world.

It's Good. It's My Life

Shine on

You Are Earth

I’ve Learnt

I Know…

The Place of Hope and Fear

To the Israeli Soldier

And So The World Turns

Girl Child

Death, the doorway is ever near
Death is something we all fear but it is surely a reality. When and how it comes, we never know.
To my Mum
I dedicated this poem to my mother, who contributed so much to what I am today, and who also provided many fields for my learning.
Rocky mountains high
As man develops himself further, cities sprawl and destroy the beauty of nature. The contrast seems so clear yet people turn and boast of their modern flats and homes, which are surrounded by decadence, garbage and ugliness.
Threads of Dawn
The call to prayer (adhan) is a part of the life of a Muslim. Even if one forgets it's time to pray, one is reminded in a gentle, peaceful way that the way to success and peace is in one's hand.
A piece of Flesh
The relation between the body and the spirit is explored as one grows older in this poem. The effect of the mind over the body; urging it to keep going when all looks lost. The significance of our actions and the record that we will one day receive of the deeds we have sent forth.
A Prayer for my Friend
This is a poem that was written for a dear friend of mine, who has just  left to go to a faraway place.
When I was young
Life is so short but contains so much of experience and perception. Wisdom comes with age and the life's lessons learned well. When we look back on our lives, what will we see??