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Ramadan is a time for renewal, forgiveness and closeness to Almighty Allah. 

Come and read about many aspects of this blessed month and feel inspired to do better!

The Haves and the Have Nots in Ramadan

`Eid Celebrations Extended in London

Muslim Families Celebrating `Eid in London, 2009

Achieve What by the End of Ramadan?

Questions and Answers – What Is on Your Mind in Ramadan?

The Quran in Ramadan and all Year Round

Questions and Answers - 'Keeping the Spirit After Ramadan'

Take a Minute to Think This Ramadan

Will You Lose Your Identity or Find It?
Sometimes in life we feel that things are spiraling downward. Sometimes life takes on a slow, easygoing atmosphere. It can be like that in Ramadan. It is so easy to become bored and forget who we are and who we can be.

Some Nutrition for the Soul in Ramadan

Selma’s Ramadan Questions and Answers

It Is Ramadan and You Cannot Fast
We know that Ramadan is the month of fasting and we read a lot of material urging us to be patient and determined to complete the fast. With all the talk being centered around abstaining from food and drink this leaves those who cannot fast in a dilemma; how can they make Ramadan meaningful and beneficial?

Me and Ramadan
This article is a personal perspective of Ramadan and its significance in my life.

An Absence of Mercy

Are we ever prepared for the moment that changes our lives?

Ramadan - Poem by Ali Abdul-Akbar 

Arabic-Islamic Recipes
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