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by Ali Abdul-Akbar


It’s in the blessed month of Ramadan the believers truly shine


The devils locked in chains away from playing with our minds


The house of Allah is full of worshippers like never seen before


Al-Rahman forgives our many sins through opened mercy doors


The beautiful recital of the noble Quran echoes the Musjid walls


As the angels of Allah rejoice to sounds of Zikkar in Allah’s call


Dates are shard amongst black and whites all nations in between


See the brotherhood love and unity, it glows throughout our Deen


The acts of the righteous and pious are generously upped in reward


By the love and authority of our creator, Allah our Rabb our Lord


The believers fast throughout the month, each day to please Allah


Feeling world starvation within our stomachs while offering daily Salah


The wealth of the Muslims no longer held tight, let go for charities plight


The poor are needy we mustn’t be greedy, by Allah we owe them there rights


In this month the day Laylatolqadar, a splendour for those who believe


We worship and pray throughout the night while the angels record our deeds


Undesirably fasting ends, Allah prescribes the glorious day of Eid


We wear our best cloths as our beloved prophet told and congregate to read.


Yet always thinking loving and missing the blessed month impaled in my mind


It’s in the blessed month of Ramadan the believers truly shine.

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