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by Ali Abdul-Akbar

Remember Allah

Remember Allah


Remember when you were unable to walk; your legs were too short, too young to talk


Allah gave you length, speech and strength


Remember Allah


Remember when you were so hungry you cried, too weak to provide, no rations you’d die


Allah gave you food, changed cries to glad moods


Remember Allah


Remember your life as a child and youth, loosing your tooth, searching for truth.


Allah grew you more, gave knowledge made you sure.


Remember Allah


Remember the days you continuously prayed for the problems you made,


So far you had strayed


Allah brought peace to your mind, made you smile and shine


Remember Allah


Remember journeys taken in life, from town to town and flight to flight


Allah brought you home for no money no loan


Remember Allah


Remember the day promised to come, the descent of the sun with know were to run


When scales will be hung for the deeds that you done


Allah will be high on his throne on that day, what will you do? What will you say?


His slaves he will never forget nor forsake


Remember Allah.

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