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'Changemakers - holistic life coaching'

By Selma Cook

shine on selma cookPeople walking past you like they just don’t care

Blinded with no feeling their empty souls laid bare


Despite the pain, the need you keep trudging on and let things be

You watch but can’t believe all the injustice that you see


Don’t be afraid of your light. Your strength. Shine on.

Don’t be afraid to speak out. The truth. Be strong.


Open up your heart show the real you. What you think. What you feel. Carry on.

Your journey is still going. Every step brings you closer to your time. Steady on.


Pour your energy with goodness onto the souls of man

Let your spirit shine reflecting your life’s real plan


It’s your choice each day to choose the wrong or the right

With gentleness, with wisdom you engage in the fight


Change your perception and look into your soul

See the truth, the beauty before life takes its toll


'Changemakers - holistic life coaching'

You Are Earth
I’ve Learnt

I Know…    


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