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 Selma Cook

So often we can find paralells in life through nature. Allah, the Almighty has provided us with so many signs throughout the universe and within our own selves. This is a true story of what my son and I found one day.


One early morning, my youngest son and I were walking home from taking my four year old to school, when suddenly I stopped in wonder. There between two bushes was a magnificent spider's web. I couldn't help stand and look at it for some time, amazed at its intricate yet delicate beauty. A very small spider no bigger than the top of one of my fingers was able to construct something that the whole human race could never achieve, even if we helped and supported each other.

The early morning dew had settled onto the grass casting a silvery glaze over the fresh green stalks that leaned against the cold winter wind. Flowers were just beginning to open, facing the sun in a chorus of beauty, heralding in the new day. I felt so fortunate to be standing there, soaking in all this beauty. So grateful to have eyes that see and a mind that appreciates what's around it.

We started to walk slowly, heading towards home and I got to think about life today and how complicated things have become. Although the human race is unable to build such a thing as a spider's web, we have been able to construct a world-wide network of communication. The growth of our 'civilization' leaves big,ugly footprints on the very earth from which it springs. Huge cities spill out all over the world, catering to the never-ending needs of millions of human beings. A tight knit cascade of cables, wires and sound waves that weave themselves in and around us. Some we see and others we don't. Modern civilization is built upon a web of technology that most of us use but few understand. Isn't it true that most people have to learn how to switch the computer on and operate it! How many really comprehend how it works? It's like the number one million. We know that number but it is impossible to comprehend.

Just like a spider's web, though, we must take care. Our flimsy existence can be broken in a second. If such a fateful event occurs in the life of a spider, they merely move on and build another web in some other place but we, are not so flexible as the spider. How many of us would like to be living in a 'modern' city today if technology just stopped? What have we got of human, moral and spiritual resources to see us through such a crisis?

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