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 Selma Cook

Five times a day the adhan (call to prayer) is made. It wakes people from their sleep, or takes them from their worldly cares, calling them to the remembrance of Allah, the Almighty.
Five times a day, the Muslim bathes in peace and contemplation of all that is important in life; renewing efforts to overcome the weaknesses and evil of the self and thereby draw closer to their Lord. Allah is in no need of anything from His creatures; He doesn't need our prayers or praise, but we in human weakness and frailty, need to remember that He is there, ever Constant and Aware, always ready to Forgive and

Who Grants His Mercy to those who ask with sincerity. Those who turn away from their Lord, are left to themselves and in ruin they abide.

A voice rings out when
Threads of dawn are seen
A voice enriched in piety
Beauty from within
A call to success
A longing for peace

No rock, no tree, no plant can rest
Unless it too praises its Maker
Carrying out a role
A task to ease man's burden
A place on which to rest, to have some shade, to eat and grow

An illusion of peace overcomes the heart
From time to time.
Seeing only my good - ignoring the rest
Hoping the grave will fill with light
When I enter.
I am not sure

I awake and rise
Stumbling to my prayer
Refreshing my weary, troubled soul
Which divides between hope and fear

The gray line between sincerity and earthly desires
Keeps my heart alive - moving
Pushing back the tides of trivialities

In sleep I dream of soaring wings
Open freedom, calmness, light and love
No more hurt, screams, cries or moans
No more lost innocence or despair
In a world that happily, playfully destroys itself.