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Read about the way Islam beautifies the everyday words and actions of those who commit themselves to following the path of faith by getting involved in humanitarian work. 

Helping Indonesian Tsunami Orphans 
Nizma Scoffield is the founder and director of Chariots for Children. She has been involved in charity work for years but after seeing the plight of the orphans after the tsunami in 2006 she decided to sell her house in London and use the profit to buy land with the aim of constructing an orphanage in Aceh, Indonesia.

The Indigenous People of Australia  
As Muslims we should be on the look out for any opportunity to serve humanity. The Aborigines of Australia have been badly treated for centuries and they were and still are subject to racism.

Life on the Streets
Young people end up living on the streets for many reasons but the result is that the youth are forced to become someone other than their real selves in order to survive.

UK Girls’ Clubs
The coordinator of one such club, Um Abdullah, along with her friend, Naima Anniche, focus on girls between the ages of 13 and 16 but she will accept any girl who would like to attend.

Oriental Dancing for Muslim Women
Sandra La Bianca Making a Difference