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Ya Allah by Shafi' Bashir Said

Ya Allah forgive me
Forgive me, for i sinned
To my friends' frivolous jokes i grinned
I myself indulged into this world's contentment
And saw it all as nothing but a mere amusement
All the obligatory prayers i did neglect and abandon
The Sunnah and Tarawih subhana-Allah, not to mention
Ya Allah forgive me for i did fornicate
In a non-muslim's cultures i did willingly acclimate
Your words, the Holy Qura'n i heedlessly neglected
While other humorous books i contentedly selected
Oh Allah the Holy month of Ramadhan i did not fast
Neither the one now nor any in the past
When people asked, i was exempted of a broken rib
But Allah you're all-knowing, it was nothing but a fib
Whilst the call for Salat or Da'wa was there, i did not listen
But the wheels of my car, for a party i did gladly glisten
A muslim i am, i confidently declare
But for worship, not a minute i did spare
Ya Allah forgive my ignorance
And bestow me with your benevolence
Starting today, myself and my attire i will purify
Pray, fast, abstain from sins and only you i will gratify
Ya Allah you are the Guide, please be my guide
Your set of laws without any objections i will abide
Oh Allah you are Omniscient
Without your help i am not self-sufficient
Ya Allah, the sustainer of wisdom and knowledge
Your Absolute Authority i do indeed acknowledge
All-knowing you are and All-hearing
You are the creator, the provider and All-seeing,
To your infinite powers i humbly surrender
And to you my gratitude i devotedly do render
For what Islam is i now did comprehend
The mosque will i attend and my time wisely spend
Thank you Allah for showing me the way
For without your guidance i would have gone astray.

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